Saturday, February 02, 2008

Got to have a little patience

Not you readers, me. This seems to be the theme of my discord right now. Every single blaring roadblock of a sign in-between me and my ultimate happiness is blinking – PATIENCE – PATICENE YOU WHO CAN’T WAIT NO MORE, PATIENECE BE THE FOOL THAT HAS NO OTHER CHOICE THAN TO LIVE IN THE NOW. PATIENCE WILL HELP, HEAL AND RENDER YOU DISPLACENT. PATIENCE, PATIENCE.

So, in the spirit of actually trying to write an entry people might enjoy reading I will now proceed to move away from this theme and practice my living in the now strategies. I’ve decided that turning this energy inwards is a brilliant idea (in theory). My new plan is to cook, clean, organize, see my friends and family, you know – all of the typical enjoy your life stuff. Hugo and I go out once in a while and we still talk and love and sometimes fight but overall were happy.

Last night, in a crowded bar we ordered ropa vieja and I got to drinking margaritas ands thinking about regret. Sounds like a sad Mexican folk song huh? (Except for the margaritas) I have known forever now, thus far in my life, that I only have one regret. One real regret. I feel at peace with having one regret, however, due to the nature of regret it kind of sucks on principal BECAUSE it’s a REGRET. Okay so…who knows me well enough to:
#1) read this blog still
#2) Take a stab at what that regret might be

On second thought, I just realized that all of my friend’s might start writitng what THEY think I SHOULD regret…so let’s not do that – I’ll just tell you – but next time…