Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Fabric: Part 3

Finally this is the last installment in this series…this procession of posts that I never finished and therefore totally avoided blogging because of:

The fabric… the most emotional, white knuckling, hand wringing, intense part of what is the Moroccan living room. There was only one person that would suffice as a partner in crime for the fabric (it’s called tissue in French). That person??? You know who:

We open scene on she and I standing, me stunned, her pensive, on the second story of a fabric shop. When I say shop, I of course mean a decrepit building that looks like a shack from the outside but is impeccably clean, well lit and fabulous smelling on the inside. A place you find down a cramped side street that you feel uncomfortable even browsing on at first for the shop keepers calls to the magical fabrics they have hidden tucked in between and stored above in hidden compartments only accessed by ladders and stools. 

We have just stumbled upon some of the most gorgeous, patterned, modern, traditional fabric that I have ever seen. These are fabrics that I will never be able to afford either (except I wasn’t ready to admit that to myself). I kept being drawn to the whites…she kept reminding me of my small children and I kept wanting to forget that part!

Sometimes you see something, and it strikes you as so beautiful that you never forget it, but then you do. You don’t purchase it and you go on about your day, weekend, life, never even remembering it exists, sometimes though…you never forget it.

There was a pair of light blue linen pants that I saw on the Italian island of Procida when I was 22 years old and skinny enough to have worn them but too broke to have purchased them…I still remember them and exactly where how they were displayed in the shop.

Certain patterns that she and I saw that day are still as fresh in my mind as if I saw them yesterday…I imagine these images will stay with me for a while.  We did manage to tear ourselves away from the shop eventually and pick out a more reasonably priced option which I still really like…I guess…kind of…it’s not the same but damnit man we couldn’t have shopped any longer than we did. This process needed to end already just as this blog series needs to end so that I can write about things other than my freaking living room! 
So without further ado…



and there you have it!