Thursday, April 19, 2007

Spring Wedding

I am going to a May wedding. Not just any wedding, the type of wedding where I have to look like a goddess. So what better to wear than a goddess dress:

I am thinking of gold shoes, a long dangley necklace and bright red lipstick.

This will not just be any wedding, this will be a wedding full of what I call the BBs. That would stand for Bosnian Buttheads (except the word I would really call them is more feminine and canine in nature).

Now I am no random Bosnian hater, obviously not, because the general trend in my life has been to worship everything foreign. Fall for it, be consumed with the culture, tradition and interaction and make really good life long friends along the way. My exposure to Bosnian culture through Hugo, is no different than this except for my interaction with the female faction of a particular group of friends that Hugo has taken me to party with. I have had cigarette smoked blown directly into my face followed by intense eye contact and a flick of the stubbed cigarette butt onto the sidewalk as the person(BB) I sweet and innocently introduced myself to got up and walked away with not even a hello being considered.I don't want to go on about this and as Hugo well knows, I can...for days...months...literally years!

So one of the BBs is getting married and we're invited and I've got to look cute. They always out dress me but there are certain standards I adhere to, such as refusal to look like a hoochie no matter how much everyone else does. So, I'm taking the highroad and buying a Banana Republic dress. I'll keep you posted on the outcome of the situation. Feel free to comment on the dress.


Marian said...

You are a goddess and you will look fabulous in a much more natural and less overdone way than those mean girls. If I were you, I'd start practicing my witty retorts and be prepared to put them in their place. Nothing like a little verbal self-defense to steel you in a hard situation. You'll do awesome. P.S. NICE DRESS!!!!! Definately go with the gold shoes.

Anonymous said...

what the fuck? who the fuck did that to you? i am so fucking pissed off right now i can't stop saying "fuck!" i'm gonna hunt the *@#%(rhymes with "hunt") down and fucking burn her with her own fucking cigarette! stupid asshole, i swear to god i want to scream at the thought of that happening to you!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! i would have fucking jumped on her back and started a nasty, hair pulling, eye scratching, "don't you fucking EVER do that stupid shit to my friend" fight right in the middle of that party.

Any Hugo would refuse to visit ever again. But shit, I can't believe this!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

that stupid fucking jerk.