Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A little bit healed

I am happy to report that now, over a full year later I am starting to feel a little bit healed from the traumatic events that pushed my life forward and into the exciting direction it is facing now. I hope that makes sense. I guess what I mean to say is that time heals all wounds and I was really really wounded on July 14th of 2008. It has taken me this long, not to feel better, but to feel not afraid or hurt when thinking of certain subjects or people.

I think that is progress, I think my heart is truly healing. I can listen to certain songs, talk about certain subjects, and again remember certain people without it, at the very least, rendering me very uncomfortable.

I have gotten here, to this healed place through massive amounts of love, affection, hope and grace. This is undeniable. I am now looking forward to continuing to trod this path of healthy loving trust in the good things in life.

(anyone think I'm just hormonal?)


cutiepiespacepop said...

if you can claim only half of this and be sincere, don't ever deny your efforts on hormones...good for you, i know whose kitchen i was in a little over a year ago and i know that you have come a long way. i am so glad to hear it so!

Nona LaRue said...

your heart is so beautiful. mine is so pleased to read this post.