Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How to Bargain in Morocco

This really needs to be a series not just one post! Let me just say though - I think I am getting better at this skill (not that I was ever bad at it). I offer you a list:

   1. Never show excitement over a particular piece. Even if you feel like you are going to DIE if you don't have it - POKER FACE
   2. Never show that you must purchase something then or that you intend on purchasing a large quantity
   3. never ask for the price to soon
   4. Never let the merchant wrap up the goods before the bargaining is almost finished
   5. Never accept the first price
   6. Don't be afraid to really really give the merchant shit about his prices
   7. Throw in personal details as to exactly why you can't pay his price and if you have it hard facts of his price inflation
   8. Throw in any and all Arabic words you know
   9. Never offer the price you want to pay - always go lower so you can bargain up
  10. Be prepared to leave but know that if he doesn't chase you down the street then you will not purchase it
  11. If you have the bag in your hand and your money is on the counter but he is not happy with it - then try to leave the store with it
  12. If he chases after you - give him five dirhams - usually at this point the range is between 5 and 20 so is okay to give a bit because you have probably already knocked off hundreds of dirhams from initial price
  13. Don't smile and celebrate until you are around the corner
  14. Have some mint tea to assuage the feelings of guilt and lessen your own perception that you just robbed someone as well as to calm the adrenaline rush
  15. ENJOY!!!

PS - I broke at least three of these rules today and still made out like a bandit!

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The Loerzels said...

LOVE IT! Don't love that it's all true, because I hate the process!!!