Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Let's not burn her down again just yet

Cherries are ethereal. I am sure of this. If they don’t want to be cut into they have this way of jumping from your fingers, pit intact, spilling out their red cherry stain onto whatever they land on. I took it at a sign to never cut them again, never try to rip them open and tear them into a million little pieces. But it was worth it at the time, I made the most divine cherry, corn, mushroom, red onion and Italian parsley sauté last night. It was worth every bit of the near slicing of my finger tips.
The park that I live next to is beautiful. I took a stroll in the misty almost rain of dusk with a friend. We finished speaking of things that gave me goose bumps because of the affirmation of my own hunches. There will be more to come on this. The ability to go and walk in this park and come home and make dinner for my partner and stay up really late trying out new card games that neither one of us knew how to play and then surfing apartments in Paris even later into the night is so treasured by me. Even in my grim impatience and sometimes all encompassing bitter depression. Today…this morning I feel alive. It was either the inspiring evening or the fact that I just slept 11 HOURS!!!!!

Yesterday in class one of the students asked me if I like Atlanta. I had not been directly asked that in a while so I had to re-gather my position. I strangely felt like saying no. The suffocating heat of the summer was a major factor in my attitude. I saw flashes of the park, me riding my bike to school, some of the restaurants and bars we all frequent here. I thought about my family and friends that live five minutes away. I thought about my little car that is an absolute necessity because of the inadequate public transportation system here. I thought of all of the different neighborhoods I have lived in in the city, nearly about every part of the city there is to live in I have spent at least half a year in...I still feel like I liked it very much though. I ended up responding with my favorite way to answer that question, “I am glad I am from here, but that does not mean I want to live my life here”. The strange part is, I’m not even feeling that happiness to be from here lately. This all led me to believe that I need to get the hell out there, go out a little more, go to some art openings, mix mingle and celebrate this city while I am still it. Beautiful Atlanta, capital of the south. Big little city. Rent is still relatively cheap here, there are some really cool coffee and tea houses, there are parks galore , two major indoor farmer’s markets and various outdoor ones during the summer.
So, there those are a few things I love about Atlanta. This week I will be celebrating all of them…so I might be a little busy. I guess in the end, it’s not Atlanta, it’s me…

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