Monday, August 14, 2006

The Truth

Long flowing brown hair, big unsure, insecure eyes staring out at me, gently probing, she was somewhat begging for an explanation. How could I not say it is so, yes, it is I too? Yes you piss me off and this is why. It was quite the moral dilemma I was facing over lychee fruit and chilled water. How do you tell someone something like that? How do you just go ahead and say something so personal and critical of one’s personality to an individual who you only ever wanted to like and know better. I had a choice, tell her the truth, my part in the perceived hatred of her, or not…remain silent. I chose to speak, hey why not? Maybe we will both grow here, maybe not. I know after that talk I spent the better half of the evening crying, not necessarily connecting it to her. Now I do. Oh you, self proclaimed harmonious individual. I guess I am a little guilty in your guillotining as well, but this is why…you stepped the wrong glass slipper into the wrong pile of shit. Sorry.

By the way, before that whole drama scene unfolded at my kitchen table I spent hours talking to a friend in a parking lot. Sitting on the concrete part that encloses the buggies (shopping carts) I poured out my heart and listened to a friend pour out hers. How wonderful it was. I was aware of the brilliance at the time but feel even better about it today. Then I had a 20-dollar budget for a week’s worth of groceries and I came in at $19.02 for everything I wanted. That was thrifty shopping and I even managed to get the organic milk and Greek feta cheese!

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