Thursday, March 15, 2007

Oh my, I’ve forgotten to blog

for like over a week now! Horrible huh? Sorry about that. I’ve been tired, tired as hell actually. The 9-5 work week is kicking my butt. I like to say I’m still adjusting, but I wonder if I ever will fully adjust. I’ve also got other stuff going on – for instance- I am hosting the best baby shower ever! I am so excited about it. I know, I know that may seem weird – but sometimes a girl’s got to plan a big ole party and get way too excited about. For my sister’s baby shower I showed up with games and plastic cups. That was me insisting on helping plan the thing. For this one I am going all out – I’ve read up on my baby shower etiquette, I’ve got my menu planned, my games ordered (I know…fancy☺) and my co-host coming up over for pre-party day prep the day before. I am making the cake (shaped like a onesie) and a few extra frills. The thing I think is weird about babies and baby showers – I never really feel connected to the baby until after the baby is born. So you’re supposed to care and be excited and be all connected to the little baby while it is still inside the mom. I just don’t feel that way. Of course I’m excited – I can’t wait to meet him (it’s a boy) and I’m already stressing out for and simultaneously planning the little guy’s future – but it all feels devoid of genuine emotion somehow. I felt the same way with my sister’s baby. If anything – the presence of the baby in the mom’s stomach makes me love the mom more and feel bad and excited for the mother – not the baby so much. I think as far as this one is concerned (Atlas – don’t you love that name?) I will fall for him once I meet him. That was certainly and shockingly true for miss Riley.

~How I Feel About Paris Today~

Now – I don’t mean to bite off more than I can chew or count my ducks before there in a row but…WE’RE GOING TO PARIS IN SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
‘nuff said…

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Marian said...

The mama and the baby (and yes Atlas is a cool name) are very lucky to have you in their lives. They couldn't ask for a better friend.