Thursday, May 24, 2007

Straight Chillin'

Here's the scene:

Extremely attractive 20 something in a pencil skirt and french scarf, driving from Buckhead to Midtown in a bright red Dakota. She pulls into her local Trader Joe's to pick up some organic produce, frozen quesadillas, rice cakes, peanut butter, sea-salt, etc..She bags'up and heads on out the door. Said heroine pulls into her coveted parking spot and decides to go ahead and back the truck in just to make her morning venture into work a little snappier. She unloads her groceries, let's the dog out, heats up the quesadilla, cracks-open a bottle of really big, oaky California chard. She pours a little on the ground for her dead homies (in this case her sick and incapacitated boyfriend who is suffering from a high fever and holed up in his parents house). She changes into her paper, denim, clothe - dark blues and heads to the porch, the porch of her dream. She lightly fondles the rosemary, lavender and chocolate mint in her budding herb garden and realizes that life is getting back to the way it was supposed to feel.

She then promptly opens-up her lap top and stamps out this post. Half to rub it in to everyone, but more importantly to share it with those who love her. Because they are the ones that will be happy for her. Not jealous or weird or talking behind her back, but truly happy for her. They (you) will understand how opposite the whole wide rest of my life has been.

Exhibit A:


Anonymous said...

beautiful. just so needed...thank yourself for noticing the things you do. i love you so much for just that reason.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right about your loved ones being happy for you. You so much deserve to relax and enjoy this place you have struggled and sacrifaced to get to. You are a beautiful strong woman with a well deserved back porch to enjoy. I am so very proud of you.
I love you,
Your Mom

Anonymous said...

carrie, you are a light in darkness..please give me your proper email..kate

Marian said...

Sounds AWESOME! I'm thinking of you and wishing I was there to share a glass of wine.