Saturday, May 05, 2007

A walk in the park

Today is the first day of the seasonal weekend market in the park. I was there with my market bag, jean jacket and $20. Apparently no-one is able to say organic anymore unless they are certified organic. All of the vegetable venders now say "naturally grown". With the threat of rain looming and Shaka constantly threatening the other market shopping dogs, I was quite pressed and did not take as much time as I would have liked. Every first of the season I forget how bad Shaka is and I take her along. I do this because under all other circumstances I feel guilty about walking in the park without her. Marketing, however, is not to be done with dogs, not unless you have one of those sweet and extremely relaxed dogs. That is not my reality, therefore, I will not ever take her again! The market was lovely, despite my raving mad dog. Atlantans were out in mass purchasing fresh produce and drinking illy coffee and munching on freshly baked pastries. That market alone helps me to be okay in this Atlanta, this landlocked southern city.

The move is over. The un-packing has barely begun, but the move is over! YEAH!
We love the new place. Everyday consists of long evenings on the deck shared with good friends and plenty of cocktails. Last night was the first night that we actually hung out alone at home. We cooked boiled cabbage and zucchini, watched "the good shepherd" and went to sleep relatively early. I feel amazing today and I am prepping for the big kitsch wedding extravaganza. I will certainly keep you "posted"!

Enjoy the weekend, budding summer is my favorite season.

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