Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mon Canard à l’Orange

Today’s plat du jour: duck. I found the recipe in my new most favorite book in the whole world: la Bonne Cuisine. Apparently this book in the bible for French home cooking often referred to as cuisine bourgeoisie. It is recently translated into English and available for your purchase at a very discounted price. I’ve only made a couple of dishes from it to so far. I made a queen of Sheba cake (godly in it’s texture), a quiche, a roasted chicken and that’s about it. I try to read it a little bit everyday. I study the techniques used in the books. They are classic and oh so complicated at times. The part I hate to admit is that I recognize a lot of what I read as being something I have already seen employed…from you know who…HUGO! I guess he’s the one in the relationship that received the traditional, in home, culinary education. Being of the competitive nature that I am, I am determined to catch up with him. As I am typing this, at my glass ‘love’ table, in the kitchen, he is fast away at making fresh bread for us. He will plop the gorgeous rolls with sunken circles into the oven any moment now and we will feast on freshly prepared and baked bread with our tea while we watch The Lives of Others. This is my Sunday and I love it. I will remove myself from the couch in a couple of hours to go leisurely to the store and start the preparation for mon canard.

I love fall, I love Sunday and I love the peace of mind that sometimes arrives at my doorstep, rings the doorbell and jumps in my pocket when I go to answer. It often will walk around with me for a couple of days reminded me periodically that everything is fine, my life is fine, I am doing the right things and living the right way. Then it will invariably jump out of my pocket and run off to inhabit someone else’s Sunday morning bathrobe.

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