Monday, April 07, 2008

The Basics

I often find myself trying to fool myself into seeing my life in the simplest of terms as possible. I mean to say…the good things are simple things, like bread and olive oil kind of stuff. The most entertaining things are the free things like a night of love to be shared with your closest friends and a bottle of your favorite wine. And the worst things, the things that hurt the most are also the simplest of all as well – like being lied to and excluded from things. My whole point about the basics is that I only ever understand those pleasures for what they are – after they pass. In the middle of making a beautiful cake, I never feel like I am living the most beautifully simple and domestic part of my life. In the middle of the walks I take in my neighborhood I never feel like I am “WALKING” and it is a beautiful and simple pleasure. Most of the time I manage to understand these things for what they are after they have already come to pass. In the middle of these moments everything is always more complicated and over processed. The only time things really slow down for me is on the beach and even then sometimes my idea of what I should be feeling interrupts the simple pleasure of what I am actually living. I am planning a party – a brunch if you will – for Hugo. I intend for it to be filled with the best of the simplest of pleasures. I even intend the time to be simple and non-complicated. I intend sunlight and baking and open air. I see myself wearing braided hair and a sun dress – (you see how I over think these things) but most of all – I hope to see him smiling and hopefully feeling loved and cared for by the people in his life. That is the simplest, the least complicated, the most basic gift I can give him.


Marian said...

Beautiful! Simplicity is a sign of mastery. Good for you!

Marian said...


I tagged you on my blog. Come play the six word story game.