Thursday, April 24, 2008

Midtown Me

Sometimes I feel as though I am seeing my neighborhood through my own eyes…deep huh?
As I was driving out of TJ’s parking lot today these were my thoughts, :”Modern Urbanism as experienced by me. I live in these streets not on them. I walk in between these tress not through them. I don’t really attend the festivals and larger city sponsored parties. My gatherings happen more on the sidewalk crack side if things.
I feel separate from the all of the perceived baseball hat clad assholes who feel like they are a part of midtown and live near piedmont park because they are “part of the scene”. I am much more akin to the strung out older gay men that take their vodka tonics with little tonic and have death defining roller blading stories on the hills surrounding the park. I too have had my suicidal, down in the dumps, inhabiting this neighborhood before it was like this stories.
But this is the thing…
Nobody gets it, believes it. Top all of the rest I am simply a white girl in her late twenties paying too much rent to live by the park and go back and forth to my job which is no longer in the food service industry. I guess I could pretend to truly be one of these women…except I’m not and I would always feel inadequate (or superior) when listening to their laments of over paid corporate jobs and joy if their proximity to this park.
This park, this piedmont park is my heart and soul.

What started out as my in between has slowly become my…life…twenties…college years and adolescent memories. It is my everything. I am fine like that. I will continue to represent, proverbially dressed in black for the poor and beaten down, living in what USED to be the hopeless side of town.

~How I Feel About Paris Today~

More than ever baby, more than ever. The more I become comfortable with being an adult that is from the land I inhabit, the more I feel closer to affecting my dream, living my authentic purpose and getting the fuck back to Paris.

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Marian said...

This post makes me wish I was walking with you in the park today.