Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ma vie en rose

Wow - That took a while. But I'm back...from outer space...I just walked in to find you...Okay I'll stop. I just got this live wire connection to the internet like 5 Minutes ago, I promise.

So my life, my brilliant life in Casablanca... Boy oh boy, let's just say I have jumped in head first to this one people. It has been 4 weeks and two days and my place looks like I have been living in it for 6 months. I hang the towels out of the living room window to dry every morning and when I go and pull them in, in the afternoon, they smell of the salty sea that is 5 minutes away.

I am quickly and fiercely falling in love with the city. As I am learning the neighborhoods, streets, cafes, bakeries, shopping districts, I am falling more and more.

Casablanca is the mother load of everything I have ever said I wanted in a city. Let me explain:

First of all, it is huge.

Second of all, it is a linguistic oasis (although some days I find this very challenging).

Thirdly, it has an ocean (45 minutes walking distance to a beach, 5 minutes walking to the shore).

Fourth of all (can I say that), the food is out of control good, the shops are out of control good.

The city is much Europeanized, which is a little good and a little, well honestly, that's mostly good for me. I'll tell you why...because I get both here. I get the little European posh posh side of things that I love and I get the disorderly, passionate, affectionate, ancient fusion of African and Arab culture which I have always loved.

The city is a meeting point of language and culture that constantly keeps me on my toes. It is a daily challenge filled with eccentric characters and lots of lots of mint tea. I am Happy here.

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