Monday, October 25, 2010

70 people and a Moroccan tent

Sophia and Mae turned one!!!!!! WE MADE IT!!!! So what did we do to celebrate? We threw a party, this can only be described in pictures.

The proud parents (more on the jacket later)

The tent

The cupcakes - you wouldn't believe how hard these were to find here

The above referenced 70 people - woah

The castle cake

The mayhem - we sang Happy Birthday in three different languages, as is the custom here, I love it. (doesn't it look like Youssef is grabbing that kid's nose?)

The proof in the pudding, or in this case the cupcake.

How did you celebrate your kid(s) first year birthday? My parents dropped me off at my Aunt Sherry's house and went to disney world with out me. When I was psychoing out planning this shin-dig my mother actually said to me, "I feel like I didn't really know that the first birthday was like a big deal until I had grandchildren". No further comments on that.

So the jacket...I lusted after that thing for like four months, I waited as the store closed for a summer vacation, re-opened and dsicounted the hell out of it. It is a silk beaded, pale yellow, butterfly jacket and I love it. I had envisioned wearing exactly what I did to their birthday party when I first laid eyes on that thing. Well guess what happened? MAE! (click on the photos to get the full scope of this incident)

Now there is the money shot! Welcome to parenthood.
- If I look like I have surrendered here it is because that is the second time she grabbed me/it. The photographer(thanks Stacy) was kind enough to take that picture as I was reacting to the first chocolate cupcake handprint!

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A Brilliant Life said...

Actually Youssef is grabbing that kid's nose! He was doing it because he kept blowing out Mae's candle! Good reaction dad! Love it!