Monday, October 25, 2010

Pathetic pathetic pathetic

I am changing this! I am recommiting to this; I am blogging again! There is so much brilliance in my life to share with the world and I really think this is the best way to continue to do so. So there.

For some updates:
We have moved to the country (will be eating lots of peaches)
have garden, will chronicle growth here
have a kids room to design will chronicle progress here
have an amazing kitchen will chronicle food that comes out of it here
Sophia and Mae turned one!!!! (and into to total brats!) will chornicle them here
have free roaming cows and geese right outside my door, will chronicle them here too
miss my family and community in the US desperatley, will chronicle that here
trying to navigate my way as a young thrity somethinger through marriage and twins and work and living in Africa, will chronicle that here

So what is that picture? That is the view from my rooftop terrace to the ocean. This is where I plan on spending a lot of time as soon as winter is finished. Will chronicle here.

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