Wednesday, December 01, 2010

One word for 2010

Babies. EVEN though they were born in 2009, this year has been all about the babies.
Next year? I am thinking creative parenting and life living solutions...oh sorry, that's not one word!

2011 = Art

Because...when there is art in my life, there is everything else. When there is a lack of creativity and art in my life it is because I am bogged down by the mundane, or in this case, completly fucking submerged! SoIi am hoping that in 2011 I can return into the world of lofty thought, beautiful spaces, drawn out philosophical conversation, moving ....

I swear to god, I promise on my life, as I was typing the previous sentence, I paused exactly at moving and jotted down the following list:
bleach, oven cleaning pad, dustrag.

Oh captain, we are in trouble. I mean what the hell, really? Really. I am not kidding. Even the thought of art and all things beautiful was too indulgent to my mom brain right now and I was overtaken by obligation and responsibility to write down that list before I even finsihed this post...
I am confused...I think I need therapy...most probably some kind of ART therapy!


Nona LaRue said...

i miss art. artful thinking. and sacrifice it myself for grocery lists now. luxury don't leave me! i think of Dorothy Parker often, "Take care of the luxuries and the necessities will take care of themselves." at least i think of artful thinkers haha

cutiepiespacepop said...

That is my favorite Pollock,love, love it. Life has been crazy here too! Art therapy to the rescue! Come on 2011!