Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy July

It is not even July yet and July is already over for me! Well the first three weeks are already over for me. I kind of can't stand months like these. You know, the months when every weekend is booked and many of the weeks have multiple during-the-week events. I have a busy July at my doorstep. I have a very important work visit. I have a conference to attend. I have private lessons to give, intensively. I have a weekend work event at which I will have to give a speech in french (again - YIKES). What else? Oh yes, the travel preparations and the paperwork and the loose ends to be tied before travelling for a month.

And about the travel in a month: I have decided to look at my 17 hour travel ordeal that starts at 3:00am as a positive thing. HA! You gotta do what you gotta do right? I cannot go into this journey dreading it. So I have decided to look at it positively. I am going to look at it as a fun experiment to see how long I can stay awake while meeting the needs of two toddlers. It's going to be great! See...aren't you psyched also? I am so psyched!!!! WOHOOOOOOOO - can't wait. (are you convinced yet?)

 It is a positive thing to get up in the middle of the night (or in my case not sleep at all). It is a positive thing to wake up two sleeping toddlers and get them to the airport and then have to tearfully say goodbye to my husband, their dad, who I have to be without for one month, at 3am to get on a plane where I have no idea if they will sleep or just plain scream. Then it will be positive thing to arrive in Rome (we're in Italy girls!!! look, there's the Colosseum) at what will be 6am there time after having a night of (hopefully) interrupted sleep and wait for 3 hours for our layover. It will then be a positive thing to board a plane that will be in the air for 11 hours before we reach our final destination.

I am assuming that I will be tired and stressed and possibly covered in fever blisters like last time from the stress of the journey and the lack of sleep. BUT I will be home. And HOPEFULLY I will not be too much of a zombie to miss my cousins wedding in south georgia that I will get in a car from the airport and ride two and half hours to get to. I want my cold Budweiser damn-it! Actually f-that I am having my dad have my "modelo especiale" waiting in his cooler - with limes.

SO...until then and in between all of these plans, I have to look forward to and savor in the small moments, the calm moments, the good stuff. Here is a recent after work beach day - these outings to the beach after work are some of the most special days to me and I know they are the stuff that magical memories are made of. When we do this, it really reinforces for us why we live where we live. It makes the commute worth it and leaves us both feeling really lucky to be living here now.

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LaProfeViajera said...

And of course,after a week or two, you'll be missing your beautiful moments by the beach, the couscous and t'faya and the Moroccan tea...Plus the hectic traffic on the way home, and the makayn mochkil and ghadda inshallah ;)