Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Quickie

Yep, that's what it is ya'll, a quickie. I cannot pour all of my emotion, anecdotes and insight into this posting just yet. That is because I gots to go, NOW! I'm already late for work, then zipping off to Athens for the Linguistics conference. I am mostly looking forward to having the day off of school and staying at my uncle's place with him and his family. They always help me to feel right about what's good in the world. I will say this, remember the whole moving violation as a pedestrian, yeah, turns out, 'failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk' is a lot more expensive than 'failure to yield as a pedestrian in a cross walk'! I swear to god, if I were still doing the general English classes I would do an entire lesson on prepositions with this point as the warm-up conversation! I miss my lesson plans, TOEFL prep is more complicated and so theorhetically more challenging, but not really. I mean, I am sure that I will grow to love it. I'm not complaining. So that's all for now, just a quickie. I want you to be left with the image of me driving up 316 in my little hatch-back with sketches on the glass. I will have cleaned it out by that point so you can think of the inside as much cleaner than it actually is as of now! Next imagine me, Pulling on to the UGA campus and probably cussing a lot about not being able to find, but then eventually find, the building where I am supposed to be tonight.

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