Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I’ll be having tea today. You know like, not just a steaming cup o’ leaves, but an actual sit down tea with little sandwiches and china pots. At the Ritz no less..that’s right baby. I’m meeting a friend of mine that I do these things with. She is a 50 something Russian lady who lives here in the states alone. I met her 5 years ago. She was my first “student” of ESL when I started volunteering at the downtown library when I go back to the states from Paris, and was having a hard time transitioning. I have lost touch with her time and time again during these last five years, but never completely. She’s an inspiration to me, kind of. She is graceful and proud. She goes on and on about tales from her youth of her extreme popularity with the men everywhere she would travel and she recounts folk tales of Russian Royalty. She has a daughter around my age that lives in Israel and she is here alone. So everyone once in a while we will meet for tea or coffee or a drink. Lately we have been going to the Ritz for this. It’s so nice in there! Real piano lounge music. Exceptional service. If you go for happy hour they have assorted nuts and snacks on those little trays that have three different silver bowls connected to one handle. I am excited. I’ve never done a tea; I think this is a turning point for me…just kidding. So that’s what I’ll be doing today along with attending class and then going straight to work. I am taking the time out in my day to do something that I know will ultimately make me feel good. Hope you do the same.

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Marian said...

Awesome. I hope tea was fun. It's sounds elegant and like just the break you need on a busy Tuesday.