Sunday, December 10, 2006

What I've learned about Christmas Party Season

1.) IF you're going to have a x-mas party on any of the weekends in December for your friends, you need to have it later in the evening so that they can come to your party (where they really want to be) after finishing up their obligations at their (work, school, neighborhood association, book club, Narcotics Anonymous) other parties.

2.) IF you are actually one of the marathon 10 x-mas parties in one night attendees, try really hard not to get drunk at the first party (especially if it's work/school related).

3.) IF you happen to be a total lush and just can't avoid getting hammered at the first one (because it is so damn boring) don't switch from your five glasses of red wine at the first party to 3 full cosmos at the second party.

4.) IF that second party that you are attending is in your neighborhood and at the house of perfect strangers that you just met the night before, you should probably try to refrain yourself from getting too drunk to stand up when it is time to leave.

5.) IF you absolutely ignore that piece of advice and do, in fact, get too drunk to stand up before you leave, but manage to make it home anyways, aim for your bed, not your floor so as to avoid being dragged by your arms the length of your apartment and then stripped on a cold wooden floor before being put into bed by your holier than thou boyfriend who swears he wasn't as drunk as you.

6.) Lastly, boob cakes rule!

Want photos? Their kinda scary

How I Feel About Paris Today

I had to answer alot of "so what are ya doin' with the rest of your life now that you're graduating?" questions last night. And through my way too much info answers to everyone in the world I should not have been having those kinds of conversations with, I figured something about my current identity crisis out. I know what kind of life I want to live and what kind of person I want to be. I also know where I want to live and that is, in fact, Paris. OS that hasn't changed. I think i am just ready to get the hell out of Atlanta. So, how I feel about Paris today is the same. The same as everyday. I love Paris and want to live there. I want to buy an apartment there and have little French speaking babies there. I want to get way too drunk at Christmas parties there. I want to... there, In Paris, for sure. (I just might want to move to Chicago first)


Marian said...

You are so cool! I can't even deal with how cool you are. :)

ivan said...

Chi Town would be best