Friday, September 21, 2007

New York vs. Paris Part I

New York: Big, lots of people, stuff to do and things to see every second. Convenient for this.

Paris: Charming, quaint, none of the huge skyscrapers blocking your view

New York: Nice, friendly (a little bit funny sounding) people populating the city.

Paris: Snobby, chic, better dressed, less friendly (and funny sounding) people populating the city

New York: Sell your organs for cash so you can hit your favorite restaurant on a Friday night.

Paris: No organ selling, mere prostitution will get you the cash you need for the same

New York: Stinky but efficient, albeit somewhat confusing subway.

Paris: Stinky but efficient, charming and way better organised metro system

New York: Must live in Queens or Brooklyn because you are not richer than god.

Paris: Must live in the 18th-20th arrondissements because you want to be able to stand erect in the only god-awful small apartment you can afford to rent

And the winner is...

~How I Feel About Paris today~
I feel kind of like I'm cheating on Paris today. I'm open minded though. New York is charming, I'll give it that - but it's no Paris. It feels like having an affair with a dude that is not only uglier than your husband but not as good in bed and just happens to be there and that's why you're with him in the first place. WOW, not that I've ever done that - but I guess Paris still has my heart. Paris is my estranged bitch. Forever calling and haunting and stealing my ability to just move on with my life. All that being said, This is only the morning of day 2 for me here and day one was spectacular. So maybe New York will seep in and seduce me before I go. I'll keep you "posted".

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cutiepiespacepop said...

i miss you. that's all...let's drink the cider that we made.