Saturday, February 05, 2011

Where I've been and Where I'm at

It is funny, in some moments, the surprise ones, I find myself marveling at where I am, remembering where I've been, amazed at that too. Most moments of most days are filled with the here and now. From time to time though the images of my past collide with the beauty of my now. The walk I took today was not unlike the walks I took regularly around piedmont park, except that now I live in a beach town, in the country, in africa.

When I used to alk around my beautiful, midtown neighborhood, I knew, in my bones, that I would be forever haunted, for the rest of my life, by the memory of the beauty of those walks. Today was not unlike that. As I walked around through the fields of agriculture and dirt pathways to emerge onto the coastline and then enter the little beach village and circle aorund up the big hill and back around through my the other end of the dirt road to get back to my home, I knew, in my bones, that I would be forever, for the rest of my life, haunted by the beauty of these walks.

There was an addition to that, I knew that my husband will be haunted too. I knew that we will leave here together and that somewhere on a starry evening maybe a little tipsy on too much red wine, after the kids are all asleep, we will share that sentiment. It will bind us.


cutiepiespacepop said...

...what i love in this is the subtle promise of more children.

A Brilliant Life said...

ohhh, you're good!