Wednesday, March 02, 2011

How Tired I am

I am so tired
I miss Sophia and Mae
Worker not Mother


If the above Haiku is any indication of my state of mind right now then I have written it well.

Oh how I miss poetry...Oh how I have been meaning to paint a peace for my walls...Oh how I want to start going to Hot Yoga once a week...Oh how I miss my family...Oh how I fluctuate between happy and sad, joyous and mad....Doesn't it ever even out? Or maybe I need meds for that...that's what my mother thinks:

You've been sad since birth
That's what Mother says to me
Why does she think so?

Okay so none of those reference the nature or any of that other fancy stuff for haiku, but there you go. Courtesy of Pioneer woman for inspiring me to dabble again into poetry...

Oh poetry, how I MISS You? with my whole ripped up heart. I long for you POETRY
At one time you pulsed through my veins, that was the best time
At one time I awoke from sleep to scribble down lines that haunted my dreams
and now...those words
those lines
are SUPRESSED you hear me?????? you HEAR me????? Julie, remember when we started that poetry club...that was good.

Okay, now that I go that out of the way...back to your normal programming....

Here is a photo. My husband took it in the South of Morocco on a trip I did not go with on because I didn't want to leave my girls...I missed out huh?


cutiepiespacepop said...

my skin is crawling...bubbling up in tiny pin-pricked pieces of...


of an understanding i wish to never understand.

oceans may split us
but passion in words divide
only our stale minds

and mine has turned to crumbs...not yours...may your passionate words keep dividing my stale mind.

what would i do without you?

A Brilliant Life said...

Kate, your mind is FAR FROM stale. Your writing has always chilled me to the bones. I mean it. You even managed to write a real fucking haiku above. I bow down to you! Let's start writing poetry again...How about on post cards?!!!

cutiepiespacepop said...

Deal...let's do it! I will go first...and I will start it this week...yippie! How fun...and thank you for saying so...

Nona LaRue said...

i do hear you!!! and i do miss your poetry!!! i miss my writing, i miss seeing the world the way we did..need my 'beauty' glasses, my 'metaphor' lenses ;) kate, you are just briliant and you too carrie. i want to read Dirt Mean once a day for the rest of my life!!

A Brilliant Life said...

Oh Harmony, I miss how we saw the world then too. I can't believe you mentioned dirt mean! You are awesome. Your stories haunt me too. I remember your poems in colors of rust and grey and always you and your dirty boy and his dog and train tracks. Sophie and...what is his name? Jax or rex or...Ugh it is bothering me I can't remember!