Wednesday, March 16, 2011

which one is which

Hi everyone, I have written two poems below, which is about Mae and which is about Sophia?


When I wake with your  face smashed against mine
hand down the front of my shirt
curved in and clenched
your mouth slightly agap revealing traces of grown up breath

as you call out in anger of having been jostled
hand removed from my shirt
face removed from my shoulder
it takes you but seconds to sit up and
clasp your hands together and start your desent to the floor

You call out for your pappa
you look for your sister
you start closing all of the doors around you
slowly you make your way to the other room in anticipation of finding sister and cartoons and pretzle sticks
life is good for you in the morning
and I...
am a most humble observant


As we sat round in a circle on the floor
pappas prayer mat scrunched up beneath him
the activity table game brought into the living room
pappa and I decided to hide all of the pieces and dispense them to you both one by one
we gave the first one to your sister
it was a triangle
she fumbled trying to make it fit in the triangle hole

you watched intenetly
impatient and expecting
you understood that you were next but not prepared to wait very long
when I pulled out the green circle piece and handed it to you
you slammed it into the circle hole faster than I could say circle
pappa said "mashala" and kissed your head
I said bravo my daughter and kissed your mouth


Nona LaRue said...

first one Mae, second Sophia

A Brilliant Life said...

finally a comment on this!!!! No one else commented so thanks Harmony! I will email you about your answer.

K. Berlin Metalsmith said...

I can't decide - Mae always seems to be smiling so I keep thinking the first is about Mae....but?

Then the second would be Sophia...but Mae seems to take off and do things first at times - so I'm totally confused. And I really don't know them enough to give an educated answer. So, I'm going against my intuition with 1)Spohia 2) Mae

Please tell me which is which!
Cousin Kim