Wednesday, March 09, 2011

How one could move to Morocco with their Family - PART 1

1.)    Set a date, proper planning can be executed in year and a half (maximum) So currently it is March 4th, 2011. A year and half from now equals September , 2012. Remember that date, September, 2012!!!
2.)    Start an internet search for a job and contact your friend Carrie that lives in Casablanca to alert her to keep her ears open or possibly (depending on your relationship with her) keep doors open, like with her elbows as she pushes her way in with your resume.
3.)    Enroll in French classes
4.)    Start mentally preparing yourself to LEAVE EVERYTHING BEHIND, this might mean a rented storage shed for some, or a shed in the back of a parent’s house…or…nothing at all. It might mean just that. You could, for example, decide to give away all of your most precious belongings to those that you love so that they can live with a little part of you everyday and so that you can leave a little part of your soul there, that you can use as a portal for visiting them through creative visualization…whatever works for you.
5.)    KEEP going to those French classes
6.)    Did you send Carrie your CV yet?
7.)    Start planning a visit within six months of this date, so that you have a year to execute this plan upon your return.  This will be a good opportunity to see how people are living, check out which city you want to live in and also to have a great time with your friend Carrie.
8.)    Morocco has a booming economy just now and has an affinity for foreigners looking to share what they have to offer with them. Is there a business you could start? Think of it.
9.)    Sit down, with yourself (and your husband and your child – if you have those things) and decide if you are selling your home or renting it.
10.)  Start stockpiling stuff for ‘your time of the month’ as that shit is expensive over there, take it from Carrie, she knows.
11.)  Ditto for high thread count sheets
12.) Look at these school websites for your rug rat:

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