Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dear November

I am cold and I want carbs…damn it! There, I’ve admitted it to myself, I feel much better now. The tip of my nose feels like ice, my hands and feet are freezing and I have to keep rubbing them together to warm them up a little. I am determined not to turn my heat on for a while longer. We’ll see how long that can last. This feels similar to refusing to get student loans for my first year of college. Once I started getting them I was all like, “what the hell was I thinking! I don’t care if I go into debt when all of this is over, I can go shopping”. Turning on the heat this winter, when I finally do, will be just like that but it will be “I can dance around the house naked” instead.

I am now going to compose a letter to the month of November, enjoy:

Dear November (06),

Interesting month you’re turning out to be. I am seeing that you are kind of teetering between bearable and unbearable cold. Just so you know, I’m fine with you going cold all the way cuz it really is inevitable and I am ready to deal with it. The back and forth stuff just leaves me feeling confused about how to dress for a super cold morning that turns into an afternoon with a high in the 60s. But, this is not really why I wanted to write you, I wanted to say…thank you…November. You are just zipping by and the quicker you finish up the quicker I can get on with my life. I am also excited about the earliness of Thanksgiving because that means I can drag the fake Christmas tree out of my closet and decorate it, that is exciting. I am little worried about the last week of, only because that is when everything in school will be due and since you are moving along so quickly, I haven’t really gotten a lot of (read nothing) work done. So If ya could, please just stretch your last week out as long as you can so I can finish everything up. Thanks.

Oh yeah and one more thing, you are the month that Riley is going to be born, so…congratulations!

Double Luv,

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yer awesome!