Monday, July 31, 2006

27 and one day

This is, obviously, my first post. It is difficult for me to type this because of the open wound along the lower side of my left arm. I am sure as the upcoming days heal me it will be much less painful to do this. So you want to know about the wound right? Well, I was having the most splendid (brilliant) of all nights. My self planned and slaved over (under the pretense of total spontaneity) 27th birthday party in the park that I love, under that beautiful big pavilion with all of my wonderful friends hanging out with me, was going off without a hitch...So I threw one in there! I mean, it's gotta be brilliant right? About three minutes into my first scooter drive ever and I find myself acting as the buffer between the scooter and the ground. I know, I know...It was dumb to get on there in the first place. But I did and today I am paying for it. Welcome to my blog...The brilliance is on the way...I swear!

p.s.: the scooter is fine too.