Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I’ve got hives

And they suck…big time. Hey anon who left the ultra supportive, “I’m gonna kick some ass” post in response to the BBs – could you kick my hives asses! THEY HURT!!!! My sister says that I don’t deal with change very well, you think??? I might would (yes, I know, double modal) believe her if I could verify that the hives are, in fact, here because of my inability to deal with change. However, I think they’re here because of the self tanner I’ve been using. The same thing happened when I tried to use Neutrogena cellulite firming cream two years ago. Not that I have any cellulite of course, I was just trying it for kicks. ANYWAYS…do you wonder what all of the change, possible hives are about?????? Well it rhymes with groove, it’s kind of the same concept and I’ve only got ONE WEEK TO DO IT!!!!!!!! Do you give up?????? I’m moving!!!!!!!!!!! Think I’m happy about it??? UH HUH, I AM !!!!!! That’s what all of the screaming and the punctuation is about!!!!!!!!! SEE!!!!!!! IT’S HARD FOR ME TO STOP!!!!!!

Okay, I’ll try. Here are the specs:

Across the park
Two bed / two bath
Two outside areas – one patio, one deck
A big green wall in the living room
Dishwasher…I’m sorry, I said DISHWASHER!!!!!!!!!!
Washer and Dryer…you know the drill…WASHER AND DRYER!!!!!!!!!!
Perfect, perfect, perfect…

Me and Hugo’s first place together, really together, brilliantly together. Besides all of the other hootin' and hollerin' about the dishwasher and the washer and dryer, I’m really excited about the fact that we are finally moving in together.

I’m also trying to listen to the good fairy and accept that we love each other I am truly wild at heart and I won't turn away form true love and the commitment therein.

I’ll post more pictures soon.

How I Feel About Paris Today

No less, enthused about Paris today. I am eagerly planning our late summer/ fall trip there. I have not forgotten Paris nor put it in on the back burner of my plans. The new place is just a natural step in me upgrading the quality of my life while I am here.
I love you Paris, miss you Paris, you are forever in my heart and I will one day find my way back to you. I Promise.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Spring Wedding

I am going to a May wedding. Not just any wedding, the type of wedding where I have to look like a goddess. So what better to wear than a goddess dress:

I am thinking of gold shoes, a long dangley necklace and bright red lipstick.

This will not just be any wedding, this will be a wedding full of what I call the BBs. That would stand for Bosnian Buttheads (except the word I would really call them is more feminine and canine in nature).

Now I am no random Bosnian hater, obviously not, because the general trend in my life has been to worship everything foreign. Fall for it, be consumed with the culture, tradition and interaction and make really good life long friends along the way. My exposure to Bosnian culture through Hugo, is no different than this except for my interaction with the female faction of a particular group of friends that Hugo has taken me to party with. I have had cigarette smoked blown directly into my face followed by intense eye contact and a flick of the stubbed cigarette butt onto the sidewalk as the person(BB) I sweet and innocently introduced myself to got up and walked away with not even a hello being considered.I don't want to go on about this and as Hugo well knows, I can...for days...months...literally years!

So one of the BBs is getting married and we're invited and I've got to look cute. They always out dress me but there are certain standards I adhere to, such as refusal to look like a hoochie no matter how much everyone else does. So, I'm taking the highroad and buying a Banana Republic dress. I'll keep you posted on the outcome of the situation. Feel free to comment on the dress.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Bosnian Berry

I had this whole post prepared. poorly written, rushed, winy, hungover poetry about how much I miss Paris in the cold gray nostalgia of Atlanta. Instead of all that...I am taking this moment to pay tribute to my brilliant boyfriend. Thank You HUGO - for making me smile and keeping me real...
double luv