Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Life in Casablanca...Update

Thank goodness that freaking series is over. It turned into my reason not to blog. Anyways, I am glad I have the Moroccan living room. I sit in it every day. Here is a more general update of my life lately.

I have decided that I hate Casablanca…kind of…not really…ok I am still just as back and forth wishy washy as ever about casa and Morocco and all things really. 


Summer is nearing and I have a heavy heart from a lack of outside space. 

My kids are full on talking, totally bi-lingual in English and Arabic and really crack me up on a regular basis.

Spring time always inspires me to want to do more than I actually have the energy to do. For example, I want to plant and craft and paint and dance and work out and be outside in nature all the time. I want to take the girls to visit their grandma once a week and walk in parks and cook amazing dishes at home…but really I just go back and forth to work mostly. 

There is some magic still…maybe it will help if I list it:
  • I taught the girls to race each other and they love that
  • I went scuba diving
  • I swam in the gorgeous clear Mediterranean sea and I was in heaven
  • I still walk back and forth to work even though sometimes lately the car has been slipping in the picture
  • We went to the beach on Sunday and had an absolute blast. We bought the girls a small blow up pool on the side of the road and then laughed so hard at how stupid we were for thinking that we could fill that thing and then easily pull it back up the sand to where the towels were. It took us like 10 minutes to get it back to the towels, laughing and grunting and incurring many a looks from other beach goers
  • I am hosting a cous cous party for the teachers that work for me this Friday
  • I went to visit a very sick woman that was in a coma and she WOKE UP while I was there, she continues to slowly recover
  • Planning on demanding a date out of my husband very soon, he doesn’t know it yet

Thanks…I feel better now!