Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fall Fluttering

I love this time of year; the crisp mornings, abundant produce and promise of the holiday season. Fall in Georgia usually means bonfires and crushed yellow leaves under heavy boots in your friends’ backyards.

This fall, I have a lot to look forward to and a lot to be thankful for. I have been waiting for the summer season and all of it’s suffering to fade into a memory. A memory I will never escape for certain, but a memory on it’s way to distant never the less.

I am hoping that next summer will not hold the heartbreak of this year. This 2008, this end of an era for me, I want time to pass in between that and now. It is well on its way. I am almost at the 3-month mark since Hugo and I broke up. Before long it will be the six-month mark, then a year, then two, distant…memories…so the turn of the season, the new fall, brings that for me. I am thankful.

I am ready to make my cake again, run my half marathon, meet my sister’s baby, visit the vineyards in north Georgia, document the colors with a new camera, make soup, spend time with friends, drink red wine, fall in love again…

Yes I am ready to be in love again, in love with my life, in love with my freedom, in love with another human.

I love fall and all of its abundance, before the harrowing winter months. The word autumn replaced the word harvest as a descriptor for this season. The great harvest; the hearty jewels of the “growing season’s” last offering. The pumpkins and squash, the late bloom fruits such as the apple and pears. The time of the year that you dig up the orange sweet potatoes hiding underground, cooking in a semi-warm earthen over of heat retaining soil.

~How I Feel about Pairs Today~

This year Paris brought me an early taste of fall. It was only one week ago I was walking her streets and speaking her language. Riding her busses and shopping her shops. Sitting in her parks and traversing her streets.

I still love Paris, this will be a life long love affair, I am certain. I still feel great there, I still know that I can go there and thrive, inhabit her beauty and forge a new existence if that is the choice. I have never quit Paris. I have never kicked Paris either.